top 7 best movies of 2011

Harry Potter


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Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows

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Here’s the year’s best film from a beginner. J.C. Chandor handles the investors who accelerated the 2008 monetary emergency. Blue-chip acting from Kevin Spacey and Jeremy Irons, as Wall Street gets it in the teeth.

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A Cold War spy movie, coordinated by Tomas Alfredson from John le Carré’s 1974 smash hit, draws out the acting masterfulness of Gary Oldman as a spymaster looking for a mole in the British Secret Intelligence Service.






An overwhelming sleep time story for film sweethearts. The normally seething and bullish Martin Scorsese handles his first family film – in 3D, yet – to recount the tale of Hugo (Asa Butterfield), a runaway kid who lives in a 1931 Paris train station and finds the fortune of film history. How? Simply surrender to the film’s sheer, shipping happiness.

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Midnight in Paris

Harry Potter

Woody Allen’s affection letter to the City of Light is his best and most dumbfounding film in years, with Owen Wilson learning the most difficult way possible that the past isn’t generally what it’s supposed to be.

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Harry Potter

An inside-baseball film with the heartbeat of an activity flick. Thank chief Bennett Miller and acting homers from Brad Pitt as the senior supervisor of the Oakland An’s and Jonah Hill as a numbers cruncher who tells him the best way to discover esteem in what others miss. Score. movie hd

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