Moxie, a 2021 Netflix film based on books and literature Adapted



Moxie, a 2021 Netflix film based on books and literature Adapted from a book of the same name written by contemporary literary writer Jennifer Mathieu for a film version directed by Amy Poehler, it tells the story of Vivian’s high school life, a shy 16-year-old woman (played by Hadley Robinson) who lives. In a small town, she became bored and endured with the rules. Offense Including bad words From the male students of the class

Vivian was inspired by her mother, a former tough, progressive woman. That sparked her to revolutionize women’s rights at school with the anonymous Feminist Zine doing spread throughout the school. Which began, she was just trying to release what was repressed But it turned out that she had received the acceptance and friendship from countless female friends. Which contributed to the awakening of feminism ดูหนังออนไลน์



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