Including home decoration, condo decoration, cheap, beautiful for only 500



Including home decoration, condo decoration, cheap, beautiful, at the price of only 500, let’s go shopping for home decorations according to the nature of the little money.

Home decoration, lying looking at the ceiling of the room until bored Facing any wall In the room there is nothing but emptiness. There is no luxury furniture. The appliances in the room are so open that I define my condo to look tasteful that my room is a minimalist style, but actually I don’t have the money to buy more room decorations. When having time to go to see the fair decorations Each item is the starting price of the thousands. Therefore hurriedly walked out of the booth

But we will leave the condo room The condo near our train is open like this, isn’t it? Even if the salary is low, we can live in style. (That goes there), so let’s go for a walk Playing at the department store selling home decorations from famous brands that they are said to be attractive prices In case of getting some small decorations for the house, aiming to not exceed 500, because if more than this, the concept will be wrong And there is no money to pay as well! Only when you get there To have to gasp Talon eyes, because each piece of home decoration is beautiful, mental. Importantly, the price is inexpensive and is included in the budget. After all, let’s go shopping for home decorations as per the style of little money people.

This drawer-type shelf is perfect for sitting beside your desk at the office. Or in the room, really intend to buy them for water bills, electricity bills, phone bills, miscellaneous invoices Stratified Go ahead so you can easily pick and use. At first I was afraid that it would be expensive, but after seeing the price, it was only 390 baht, very cheap compared to the material and design. Suitable for every shade of room

See this piece and want to get it. It is a trinket shelf modeled after the afternoon tea serving tray of the British.It feels tasteful if you buy it in a condo bathroom. Put them on the rubber earrings, hair clips, small items, very cute, most importantly, the white one you like as well. When you turn over the price tag, look at the price of only 399, oh yeah, it’s cheap again. You have to grab it like this.

At first I thought that this pendant lamp would be very expensive. But it turns out that the price is shocking because the price is only 299 baht, I haven’t even reached 300 baht yet. I like this hanging lamp because of its simple design. Whether it is suitable for our room or not, I do not know, but I know if anyone likes this style, this piece would highly recommend.

This wall-mounted plastic bag organizer. I see and reflect that nowadays, I do not know what to tie plastic bags in paper boxes No design. Because just having this piece attached to the wall Then pick up a plastic bag and use it a lot easier Since he has a hole to take out the bag, it can be used in many ways. The price is interesting because the price is only 69 baht.

Seeing this loop at first, I was confused about what it was. After going to read the signboard, it was up to Bang-or Because it is a place to hang clothes outside the closet Used to hang the clothes that we may wear frequently Such as pajamas that we might hang outside the closet After returning from work After taking a shower, you can pick up the clothes you hang from here and put them on. Do not have to open the cabinet difficult. Did you see the price? Very attractive because it is only 50 baht.

This item was seen and wanted by myself. Don’t have any offspring anywhere It is a drawing paper with a spindle for convenient use. I love that the spindle is made of wood, it is cute to use. If you have children and grandchildren, you will buy it as a gift. Because the price is not expensive. You can call it comfortable to pay. Since the price is only 299, it’s cheap.

When I saw this piece, I thought that a cutting board. But I wonder why it’s so big, it’s actually a circular tray that rotates. Put it on the dining table Used to place side dishes, food, snacks in the center of the table. It’s cute in the way that it is wood. We can apply to decorate the condo. You can also use it to place things on your vanity table. Categorize perfumes, powders, creams, lotions. Let’s see how much the price is, oh … not too expensive, because we only pay 229.

It is perfect for this home decoration because it is a versatile box that can be put on the shelf. Or can be used separately I like it because it is convenient to use and the price is right. Because the box is only 70 baht, just that

Seeing this wall hanging pot, I hurriedly went straight to see it. Because the price is only 19 baht per piece, at first I only thought that I would use it for planting trees on the balcony of the condo. But when you think about it, you can put it in things It saves a lot of space in the room.

Wall mounted item Decorated a lot of rooms. Now find a tray for some small things in the drawer. Take a walk and look at the price compared with the others. This price is the most attractive. A … But what should we put into it Oh … he kept the utensils, knives, kitchen utensils. The date of the visit, he was on sale just right. Or that this price is already not known because it is very cheap, 29 baht per tray.

Wow, the lantern festival has to come again. I saw and fell in love with this piece. Because it is a work of art The previous one is a simple design. But this piece has its gimmicks and looks like a cloud Sometimes like flowers But saw it and wanted to get it The price is not expensive with just 299 itself.  รับออกแบบบ้าน



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