Beginners are going to build a house. Many people are pobably worried




Beginners are going to build a house. Many people are probably worried about each other, right? Where is the construction contract, contractor and the other is the construction of the house, whether it is a house bought Or hire an architect-engineer to design Or a free house model for construction All of the above patterns contain anything that we should know for our benefit. Especially when following up and supervising the construction Today, everything will be known for sure.

1. Figure showing the area plan showing the land boundary

– to tell us where our house is in the land area

– To tell the distance of the house, how far from each side of the land area And turn to any direction

2. A detailed drawing of each floor and all aspects of the picture. (Left-right-front-back)

And in the construction drawings there will be details of various materials Which is set to use the model part, it can be divided into 2 groups:

– Architectural style: shows the plans and floors Including other details

– Engineering drawings: show details of the structure and system work of the building.

In terms of various requirements It has to be stated in the construction drawing. And it is often written on a set of sheets of the model, called the model list. (Specification)

As for the requirements, there are requirements for architecture. Divided into structural work and system work But today we’re going to talk about the engineering requirements. Because it is very difficult But today I will make sure you understand.

The first story in structural engineering requirements The structural designer determines how much compressive strength concrete is to be used. How much tensile strength can I use? Due to the design of reinforced concrete structures Engineers must design by determining the load properties of both concrete and reinforcement. In order to construct it, it must be as designed.

In the steel specification written, it indicates how much tensile strength the steel is, divided into

– Round steel bar or called SR

– Deformed bar or SD (and reinforced steel in designed concrete is usually SD-30 = deformed bar with a tensile strength of 3,000 kg / cm2). รับออกแบบบ้าน



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