6 things to prepare before talking to the architect The next step

6 things

6 things

6 things to prepare before talking to the architect The next step is preparation. Which for some people might call it the first time dealing with an architect.

When a homeowner chooses a home builder company to help transform the dream house into a residential home. The next step is to prepare to talk to the team and architects. Which for some people might call it the first time dealing with an architect. In order to provide an unmatched understanding And get the house exactly as you want Homeowners should prepare the following areas.

1. Prepare land information

Contacting the architect to provide information on that design. The first thing a homeowner must have is the nature and size of the land. If the landlord cannot remember the land information The title deed should be brought to the architect. In order to interpret the needs of the house size and usable area to suit the land size

If the land you want to build a house has big trees that you want to keep as part of the house The homeowner should inform the architect to create a suitable house design for the position.

2. Prepare information about the number of members. And various needs

Number and various requirements. Of the residents It affects the design of every part of the house. Which the homeowner should provide as much information as possible to the architect In order for architects to use the information in the design to be as close as possible to the needs There are several parts of information related to the demand, such as

The idea or concept of the house that you want, such as a house with a garden, a swimming pool, or a house that can accommodate the elderly

House styles and styles that you want, such as a modern style 2-storey house If you have a dream house design that you would like to have, bring a picture to the architect to guide you in designing

The main materials that will be used to build the house.

Functional requirements such as how many bedrooms, how many bedrooms, bathrooms, how many parking spaces are needed? Characteristics of Thai kitchen or western kitchen

If homeowners care about feng shui. If there is information on the location and feng shui direction, it should also be reported to the architect.

3. Budget information

The house building budget is an important aspect that the homeowner should inform the architect. Because if the homeowners have clear building budget information Will allow the architect to know the scope of the design Can calculate house size Including the selection of suitable materials Making the statement not escalate later

4. Study and get to know the house style in design work.

A study of the characteristics and strengths of each house style. It allows the homeowner to discuss and provide a rough idea of ​​the house. For architects such as

Modern style house, the house style that meets the most functional needs By focusing on the use of modern industrial materials such as steel and glass, which is the hallmark of the house. This house design emphasizes the naturalness of materials and structures. Which gives a feeling of luxury in its simplicity

Classic style home design that emphasizes the high handcraft of the west side, which has the elegance and delicacy of the pattern. Emphasize the use of black, white, brown, cream, gold and silver tones.

Contemporary style house is a type of contemporary house. There is a combination of modern and classic together.

Oriental style house, oriental aesthetics Using primary materials that are readily available locally Emphasize the design to be simple according to the way of life. Consistent with the climate and topography The house is quite airy and cool.

Tropical style house, a house that adapts the décor to match the tropical climate. Its distinctive point is to create a feeling of comfort and relaxation as if taking a vacation. The house designs are unique. Focus on airiness and openness The use of natural light is a highlight.


5. Study about basic house building vocabulary.

In addition to information That is essential to the design that must be prepared to the architect. Talking to the architect about the homeowners themselves should learn some basic vocabulary related to house building. So that the matters discussed can be easily pieced together Have the same understanding of everything

6. Learn how to view the plan.

Plans are the medium that architects communicate with homeowners. Which will show that that house How much space is there What room does it consist of? What’s the position? What is the size of each element of the house? Which for new homeowners may not understand how to read plans Therefore, it is important to study basic reading methods and symbols in order to understand when architects present a house design. And inform the needs more clearly

Because home is an essential element in life Building a house if the owner, who is the direct resident, was involved in the design from the beginning. There is a complete preparation of both budget and information needs to architects. Will get a house that is really built for you ออกแบบบ้าน



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